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What is NoFear Gospel? Gospel comes from the Greek word euaggelion, meaning “good news,” and from Old English, meaning good spell. A god-spel would be a good story.

We’re believe in freedom from fear, and we consider this very good news. The word “gospel” has been taken to mean a story about Jesus, but we do not consider ourselves Christians. We started out that way, but that’s not how we describe ourselves now. We feel we’ve moved beyond the confines of religion and operate at a much higher level outside the bounds of a man-made religion.

Since we are not members of any religion and believe that anything can be good and pure if it is meant that way, you’ll quickly notice that we sometimes say words that some consider “bad words.” We also have experienced things that many religious people might consider immoral.

We do not believe in sin, nor do we believe in evil. There is love, and there is fear. Love builds up and makes all things good and sacred. Fear is the cause of all suffering and negativity. If we have the courage to resist the wisdom of men to reach for love, then we can make beauty from all things–even those many consider ugly.

The Bible references are used primarily to bridge the gap from religion to freedom. When we left religion, resources like this website did not exist. We wandered in our own proverbial wilderness for many years until our understanding of god and spirit and love led us to the conclusions we share with you today.

NoFear Gospel is not a doctrine, and it’s not a religion. It’s opinion, and it’s offered to build up those who have been torn down by religion. Our goal is to make people feel better, because as more people feel better, the world heals.

You are welcome to use as much of the information as is valuable to you. If we say something you do not agree with, you’re welcome to ignore it. If we anger you, please don’t feel the need to stick around. We’re only here to bring acceptance and relief from oppression. If this website does not make you feel good, then please do not read it.

If you’ve read this far, then welcome to our little subversive corner of the world. We consider earth to be our playground, our school, and our canvas. This world is our creation, and it is with joy and curiosity that we turn our backs on fear and take our places as the reflection, likeness, and embodiment of Elohim.